About AnnaLakshmi

Annalakshmi “One Who Bestows Food”!

“Annapoorne Sada Poorne, Shankara Prana Vallabhe, Gnana Vairagya Sidhyartham, Bhiksham Dehi cha Parvati”

The name Annalakshmi is derived from the ancient Hindu language “Sanskrit” The word “Anna” “Anna” means “Food” and “Lakshmi” is the “Goddess Of Abundance”

“Adithi Devo Bhava”

(‘The Guest is equivalent to God’ or ‘Be one for whom the Guest is God’)

At Annalakshmi, we truly believe in this simple yet value-laden philosophy from an ancient Indian scripture, which defines the “Art of Service and Hospitality” and has always been the ethos of Indian culture.

Our desire is to serve you with authentic “Home Style” South Indian food, tingling your taste buds leaving you asking for more. Fresh quality ingredients are paired with subtle blend of aromatic authentic Indian spices and served with love and pride for our food

Dine In

Come & Enjoy the finest delicacies of South India and experience the Art of Service and Hospitality of Indian Culture at Annalakshmi

Take Out

For all your ‘On the Go needs’; Enjoy the finest delicacies of South India at your own pace, ambiance and gatherings.


Give us an opportunity to make your special occasions even more spectacular & memorable with our food and service.